Gulf Shores, Alabama?

Can somebody recommend a good kayak outfitter who does guided trips in this area? My husband and I would need to rent boats. I want a guide because I’m jumpy about paddling rivers where alligators are. I routinely paddle in the great white shark Red Triangle, but alligators give me the heebie-jeebies.

Our only day on the water would be Monday, January 11. This is our first ever trip to the Deep South.

Thanks for any advice.

Couple of outfitters here

I would not worry about alligators. Many people here routinely paddle in gator country and as far as I know none have succumbed. Gators are pretty skittish…to them you look like a monster.

Just dont feed one.

I a northerner am looking at my hard lake and dreaming of paddling in the Glades with lots of alligators this winter. Used to do some bayous in Louisiana each spring.

Sounds like there is plenty else to do if kayaking seems not to be a fun idea at the time. I dont know if any of these outfitters do guided tours.

Thank you
for that link. I will be following up on it.

And no, we would definitely not be feeding any alligators :slight_smile:

Louisiana is where I really wanted to visit, but alas, Alabama here we come.

Born and Bred
southern boy here!! I think you will enjoy the Gulf Shores area. I have taken my wife and kids several times and they all love it there!! Be sure and check out the USS Alabama in Mobile. It’s a BIG BOAT!! Have a great time and enjoy the south.


Gulf Shores
The AL coast is beautiful. There is a large tract of preserved State Park beach that is a nice change of pace from the big condos. Check out the Louisiana Laniap (SP?) and the Tin Top for excellent dining.

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I know of two paddle clubs in the Gulf Shores area. One is The Mobile Bay Canoe and Kayak club and the other is Northwest Florida Canoe and Kayak Club (WFCKC) I belong to WFCKC. We mainly paddle rivers in Southern Alabama and Northwest Florida. There is most likely someone who would be willing to get a trip together if you are interested in paddling with a group.

In the two years since I started paddling I have yet to see a gator. I have seen tracks once.


Is the sand…
…still like fine sugar? Squeaks when you run/turn/etc?