Gulfstream vs 17 sport

I am an accomplished canoist but am moving to sea kayak. Will be used on lakes, Gulf of Mexico and a couple of rivers. I am a big guy, 6 foot 250 pounds. Am currently between two different boats, a new thermoformed Delta 17 sport vs a used Kevlar Current Design Gulfstream. I would appreciate any comparisons between the two. Same price but different boats.

This will be my first kayak and I would rather “grow into it” than buy a rec. model and upgrade in the future.

From what I have read they are similar and both suited to my body type.

I do not want a rudder but do desire a skeg that is why I am between these two boasts.

The weight difference is not an issue with me I just thought if i could get into Kevlar, why not? The Kevlar boat (Gulfstream) is used. I have not yet seen it . Aside from obvious cracks in the hull anything else I need be concerned with?

I know I should demo the boats but just looking for some input from accomplished kayakers.

Thank you.

BTW: Any other suggestions are welcome!!

205 lbs
I had a Gulfstream and wish I still did. I think the shape and form of the Gulfstream would serve you well, and would be much lighter than a rotomold boat. The Gulfstream is a very fine boat and I think you would be happy with it. I sold mine to a friend only to get him to start paddling with me.

butt time
Get some butt time in the Gulfstream. Back when I was 6’3" and about 250 I could not fit in it. That was a lot of years and pounds ago, but… Otherwise it is a great boat.