Gulfstream vs. Currituck

I’ve owned a Gulfstream for 3 years - I like it. After a 12 month hiatus from paddling, I’m back at it.

I’m curious as to how my Gulfstream 2000 (with IR backband I installed way back when) compares to an Impex Currituck in terms of handling, stability, performance, etc… It looks like Impex makes a quality boat. I sat in one at a dealer and in general it seemed to fit fine. I’m 5’10", 205 lbs.

Any comparison info/opinions would be appreciated. I hope to set up a demo paddle with a Currituck within a few weeks.




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Hmmmm - maybe I asked one of those questions that has everyone groaning. :-) Another "compare this boat to that boat" request. I looked around on the net and on this board but I haven't found anything directly comparing these two boats, although I did read info here and there about each boat that might let me draw some conclusions. I like the Currituck's smaller volume, FG bulkheads, and narrower profile.

Anyway, if anyone has any opinions, I would love to hear them. Thanks...

I really like the Currituck based on a 5 minute test paddle on flat water. If I were looking to purchase a new kayak, the Currituck would be at the top of my list. Liked the Gulfstream ok, but similar paddling experience.

I fount the gulfstream
much more maneuverable and to have more pormary stability. ( I have about 8 hours of ocean time in one, one trip through Woods hole, and 50 hours of flatwater on the local river)

I did not find the currituck to be a lot faster or as maneuverable. I imagine it tracks better but there was not that much wind up on the day I got to paddle one.

demoed the Currituck …
FWIW, here are some random opinions of the Currituck compared to my Gulfstream.

  1. The Currituck fit me nicely, and I liked the fit/feel of the narrower boat. Front deck height lower too - nice. I don’t need too much packing space.

  2. After paddling the Currituck for maybe 30 minutes, my Gulfstream almost felt too big in height/width. It reminded me of how it felt to go from a CD Storm to my Gulfstream. The Gulfstream now felt a bit “barge-ish”.

  3. Currituck handled fine - maybe a slight bit more responsive, but the water was flat and boring.

  4. I liked the lower front profile on the Currituck - just a personal preference thing. Maybe it would reduce the effects of side winds compared to the Gulfstream.

  5. A bit disappointed that the Currituck’s bulkheads were so lightweight. I’m wanting to install a footpump on the forward bulkhead - not sure if the stock bulkhead is stout enough for that.

  6. I think I sit lower in the Currituck or maybe the back deck is higher than the Gulfstream - if I layed back on the rear deck my PFD seemd to get in the way in the Currituck.

  7. Currituck’s hatches come on/off easier - I assume they are watertight.

    Water conditions were flat, so I didn’t get to check out chop/swell/waves. From what I did get to do though, I think I like the Currituck a bit more than the Gulfstream, but not sure if it’s enough to get me to switch now.

    End of boring review. :slight_smile:

tough one
both great boats. i’ve been on a Gulf kick for a while. i sell them at work and have paddled one a lot this summer. my observations of only the Gulf;

at 6’5" the cockpit is wonderfully comfortable and the coaming is ideal- ideal size, roundness (=dry seal) and thigh braces. seat is excellent, long, deep and ideal cant.

nice lively feel from round bottom and fat midsection gives killer secondary. short length (so much overhang) makes this maybe the most maneuverable sea kayak made. great low front deck.

i have an Assateague which is the bigger Currituk. awesome boat, spins well, well made. high back deck sometimes annoys, requires stronger rolling form (stronger snap) to overcome back deck hitting my side at times.

Valley hatches rule, best going. tough call, both great boats, i’d love one of each!

thanks …
It sounds like I wasn’t imaging the slightly higher aft deck. I’m thinking I may want to demo paddle the Currituck one more time.

both nice boats

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I actually just changed from a Gulf to a Curri just because the Currituck fit me better (6' tall, 170 lbs, size 33 waist). My advice would be to go with the one that fits you better, like choosing a pair of hiking shoes