I’ve got a 2004 Gulfstream. I thought the hull was smoke but the gel-coat didn’t match. Does anyone know what the color was that Current Designs used that year. They weren’t any help when i called them. If anyone has any i sure could use some. Thanks. Vaughn Fulton.


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Cd used "smoke" and "ivory" back then. Smoke was a little grey while ivory had a little brown/yellow in it.
I think ivory was used in Canada and not in Wenonah cause when I called CD for some ivory they said I wanted smoke I told them no I wanted ivory... they sent me smoke... then I mixed my own.

That make any sense?

Gel -coat
Thanks. CD says they don’t have any more that will match. So much for customer support. VF

Not that hard to mix…
Just get a little white gel, some brown pigment and some yellow pigment (if it IS ivory). Try mixing very small amounts until you get close. When happy add the MEK, a few drops of wax and you’re done.

Good luck.