Gullwing Kayak Paddles - anyone familiar with this company?

Does anyone have recent knowledge about this company? I came across their ad about a year ago and their paddles seemed to fit my need for a paddle that would be suitable for my wife who has had rotator cuff surgery and can not use traditional canoe or kayak paddles any more. However, when I tried to contact the owner by email, Arthur Carlow, for more info I never got a reply but never got an “undeliverable” message either. But then I actually sent a payment (using Paypal), but never got a response about shipping info or any other type of confirmation. I tried phoning his number that’s given on the website but got the message “This number is no longer in service.” So I got a full refund from Paypal. Now I’m wondering if the company has gone out of business but its’ website is still available. Or maybe the site is a scam? I’d really appreciate it if anyone can enlighten me in any way about “Gullwing Paddles”. Thanks.

@Hobsknob46, the site looks legitimate. The one I saw was 37 oz aluminum shaft. Not a lot of details about surface area of the blade. Appears to entry level model. Is there something about that brand that appealed to you?

JUNK . . … Stick with know brands.

Yes, the site looks legit … but it does not respond to its links … so I assume it has been abandoned if it was legitimate originally. What appealed to me was as stated in my original post - the design claimed to be easier to paddle with for people with shoulder problems (such as rotator cuff repairs).

No info in relation to the website, but for a paddle that will be kinder to the shoulder, many have opted to use a GP (Greenland paddle). If you can find one to borrow near you, it’s worth checking out. I have a history of wrist injuries and a sometimes-dodgy shoulder and use a GP most of the time now.


Thanks for the tip! Will keep that in mind.

Not junk. I’ve been using mine and it works really well. It’s had hard service for 8 years and still going strong. I read that Art (the owner) was looking to sell the company but haven’t seen anything since.

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