Gum Slough canoeing/kayaking

HI. I am looking to rent a canoe or kayak to run down Gum Slough in Citrus County, FL. Near Inverness Florida.

Any suggestions?

That is one beautiful, and better yet
secret gem.

But in order to run down it, you first have to paddle up it.

Get with Tom and Debbie Almy.

They are the ones that introduced us to it, and are a delightful couple.

jack L

Thanks, Jack
for the kindness. That was a fun day.

Rayrunner, if you can haul a rental, contact Matt and Sue at Florida Kayak company in Crystal river. There may be others, but none better.

Just paddled that one again last week, the water is nice and high, very few obsticals to deal with.

If we could work out the details, I could loan you a boat and paddle it with you.

There are two spots one could take a wrong turn, but with a bit of sense it would be hard to get really lost up there.

Other than that, it’s a six mile trip upstream, and can be a bit tiring for some folks.

E-mail me if I can be of assistance.