Gunflint info

I am planning on joining a group of folks going up into the bwca in mid June. I know the destination is near gunflint lake. What I am looking for is info on the fishing and normal mid June weather. Are there any places to avoid due to crowding? I normally go to Jackfish in August so this is a change of pace for me. Any info is great. Thanks

Never been there but
from what I hear theres good bass fishing and take plenty of skeeter repelant

Fairly Crowded in June
Gunflint BIG, beware w,nw winds! Find out which entry and i can give you more imfo. ww

just finding out
I was just invited so info is sort of sketchy yet. I know they get a tow across the lake and make one portage to the first camp. I will try to get a Lake name at lunch. We go there to fish so i am glad to hear someone else say it is a good spot.

Talked to one fo the fellas going up and he said that we will take the gunflint river fromt the lake South Lake then Portage to North. I need to find mt maps(I just moved) and look this all up.

gunflint has decent fishing for everything. nw corner leads to magnetic lake and little rock falls, but it’s in the opposite direction. little gunflint is excellent for walleyes. north and south big lakes, maybe some motors coming from canadian side. fair laker fishing. i like rose for smallies. early in year the first long bay, mud bay, shallow and sandy, warms up early, has smallies, and below the falls on rose for big smallies. few lake trout, once lost a REALLY big one on rose. lots of smallies over the stairway portage on duncan. you will see lots of people on this trip. motors on gunflint, little gunflint, north, south, possibly rose since it will be june and the arrow river will be up. all the motors will come from canadian side of those lakes. nice waterfall towards the end of gunflint (bridal veil falls), south shore. a bit of a hike, WELL worth it. sand beach going into little gunflint. pretty falls at rose, beautiful view from top of palisades. beautiful area, but will be crowded. hope that helps. ww.

i have several pics of the area you’re going into in my 3 bwcaw albums, ranging from '84-'03.

here’s a link.

Thanks a ton guys. I have never caught a Laker so I plan on going after some while up there this time. I mostly like to fish big cabbage beds for smallies and Pike on top water. The guys I am going up with use spinning gear and light line going for walleye and smallies. I have heard Rose is shallow and warmer than South so i will go over to it for sure. Sounds like a cool area. Now I just have to wait all winter to go. ARGG!!