Gunflint to Sag Falls via Granite River

Let me first explain. This trip will include my father who is 67, myself 43, my girlfriend 43 and my son who is 13. That’s right, three generations going on this trip. I bet there aren’t to many people who can say or do this. Anyways, I want to introduce my son and girlfriend to the BWCA and want a somewhat easy/sightseeing/moose viewing, all out catch the heck of of fish trip with decent campsites along the way. Has anyone taken this trip before who can fill me in on all of the particulars?

I do want to thank Bryan H. for his advice via e-mail but I thought I would post it in here also. The more input the better I would feel with this “special” trip.

Thanks to all who respond!!

Beautiful Area…

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...and an easy trip. Love the many rapids, Gneiss Lake, and pretty portages. Been through there 3 times and last time was VERY BUSY area. Also, last time noticed numerous motorboats in the Granite-Maraboux area. They come in via the Canadian side of Maraboux. As for moose, IMHO not the best area for moose viewing. There are several entry points nearby that would have more soltitude, but it IS beautifull, especially Little Rock Falls. There's also several nice rapids to run, but don't be tempted to run the last one, Sag Falls. And your skills better be up to parr to run Horsetail! Ran them the 1st time when I was young and stupid, but lined and portaged last time. Hope this helps and if you are in need of outfitting I would suggest Hungry Jack Outfitters.
Bottom line is, very pretty area, fair fishing at best for smallies and walleyes, lots of people, few moose. Take care. WW

other routes?
What other routes would you suggest that will offer more solitude?

How much solitude do you want?
I just answered your second email off of the forum and then noticed the thread. I didn’t notice any motorboats on the route last fall, and it was on a Friday that I paddled it, but that doesn’t mean anything. Maybe a lucky day?

There are a few routes with better moose opportunities and no boats and more solitude. One would be putting in on Bower Trout and heading to the Brule and maybe on to Homer. I see moose all the time on the backroads from South Brule up to Trail Center. (I referenced this in the email.) And have seen moose on Juno, and from Bower Trout to Swan Lake. This area is also very pretty. The problem is that it’s one of those, small lake, portage, small lake, portage routes. It’s worth paddling though and very quiet.

If you want to take a mile long portage into the BWCA, I know a route that gets very very little use.