gunnel repair

I have gunnnels that need replacing. 17 years old the outer edge is starting to soften. I am worried that I will break with my weight in the seat.

Someone sent me a link several years ago that took me to a site that had a guy who replaced sections of the outer gunnel. Does anyone know this process? This guy cut out the rotted pieces and fitted in new pieces of wood. I think he actually routed the ends to lock in place.

PS Mike McCrea was it you?

Big Mac

There’s a huge backlog of threads on the subject here. Do some searches.

The most likely places for rot are the inner ends where they trap water up against the decks and on the inner surfaces of the outers next to the hull. The former are candidates for new segments, the outers may have to be replaced.

If the boat has ever been stored in contact with the ground for any length of time, all the ends will be junk.

In any case, do what Mike sez.



canoe parts
Could someone give me some feedback on this product.

Its called the knock down gunnel system.

Will this have different performance features as opposed to one piece gunnels?

Big Mac