Gunwale clamps

For those who use gunwale clamps to mount various gear, e.g. cameras, gps, etc, do you pad the clamps for protection of your boat or other reason? If so, what do you use?

sometimes on wood canvas boats
with varnished rails.

I use clear PVC tubing that is flexible and cut to eight inch lengths.

Pool noodle to elevate shouldered tumblehomed boats a bit so the top of the brackets don’t dig into the boat.

I have very old gunwale brackets (some 20 years old) not the newer lower ones. I believe what I have are now called LoadStops. And they used to be a whole heck cheaper.

Mine came with thin, rubbery pads.
But I expect gunwales to get marred and scratched all over, whether on the car or off.

With one 70 pound canoe on the bars and clamps, I had to execute an emergency stop. The boat did not move.

I think you guys misunderstood
davbarts post. Either that or I did.

I assume he is talking about clamping various pieces of gear to the gunnels.

We clamp ours, (gps holders and spare paddle clips) to the tubular aluminum thwarts and never use the gunnels

Jack L

I’m talking about something like this,

I think I did too!
I haven’t ever clamped a GPS or camera to the gunwale or thwart. But I imagine if I did I would not want padding that could slip.

I clamp on a solo yoke to the gunwales and that’s about it.Because non slip is essential, there is no padding between yoke and wood or aluminum.

Nice piece of gear…that no one needs

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I can't imagine wanting to clamp anything to the gunwale of a canoe where you can smack it with a paddle, trip over it, hang it up in a tree branch, etc...gotta be the worst place on a canoe to mount anything.

For video and photo work, I sometimes use an ordinary tripod and just strap the legs to a thwart so that it doesn't fall over. Most anything else that needs to be secure can just be bungied to thwart or to the back of my pack.

My GPS stays in the bottom of my pack, because I know where I am...because I'm watching where I am going instead of watching the GPS. Funny how that works.

Oh, I forgot the, I wouldn't worry much about padding it, but I see and use my canoes as work boats.


You can buy it at Home Depot or Lowes. I spray it on to build up a few , 4 or 5, coats. It forms a mini, no slip cusion. I’ve been clamping my portage yoke that’s been Plastidipped to Swift Carbon Kevlar Infused Gunwales with no troubles.

I’m thinking of using them to create outriggers to be able to row my canoe. I know sacrilege, but if you use wood and canvas canoes, you know that rowing a canoe is nothing new.