Gunwale repair question

I have scratched the thin, black rubber coating off the gunwales of a canoe, right in the two places where the canoe rests on the bars of my canoe rack. Is there an easy way to repair that?


Black permanent marker…
cheap and easy cosmetic fix.

You might try this stuff …
… it’s called “Liquid Electric Tape” .

It’s in a small can with a dabber brush affixed to the lid . Can be found in most hardfware stores or places like Home Depot and lowes .

When wet it looks like a thick black glue and self levels on application , then dries but stays flexable .

For future reference…
Buy a piece of circular, foam, pipe insulation.

Cut four pieces, about 7 inches long.

Place those pieces on the gunwales where they make contact with your racks whenever you’re hauling the canoe.

Will not solve the problem you currently have, but will stop the problem from reoccuring in the future.


I found clear vinyl
tubing from a big box store to be much more durable than foam pipe insulation. You can buy it by the foot.

Thanks for all the tips. I’ll fix it this weekend.