gunwale replacement

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Picked up a used 16' Old Town Camper
1. White gunwale on one side is damaged. I want to replace with new gunwale. Where can I get new ones? Can I replace with wood or black gunwale?
2. Bottom has green paint/vinyl damage- six inch diameter. How best to repair. Hull is fine, surface is problem.
Thanks in advance for your advice.

Call Old Town
they can probably supply the gunwale parts that you need. I think white gunwales means it is really old. It may be that only black ones are available these days. You’ll either end up with a pinto (white and black) boat or you’ll need to replace both gunwales.

If you can find a local dealer that has them in stock that will save both money and shipping time. Usually people wait for gunwales to be shipped along with a canoe order as the cost to ship them alone is prohibitive.

Old Town 207-827-5514.


white gunwales

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Pretty sure they were gone by the late 80s, if not sooner. The black vinyl gunwales should fit fine - anyone who made Royalex boats and still has that stock on hand should be able to supply them.

Old Town sold a spray paint for cosmetic repair of Royalex boats back in the day, but I doubt it's still available. Krylon makes spray paint specifically designed to adhere to plastics - doubtful you'll get much of a color match, but if you just want it to minimize the obviousness of the vinyl damage, that shouldn't matter too much.

For a canoe like an OT Camper there is no sense in trying to find long wood gunwales. Black vinyl is much cheaper, easier to install and easier to ship.

Those white gunwales didn’t last
For some reason those white gunwales on 70s-era OTs did not hold up well, and once they start cracking, there is no sense trying to repair the gunwales. So, you are right to replace the gunwales.

I replaced mine with wood, but if I had to do it over again, I’d get the black vinyl. The wood is pretty, but creates a maintenance chore.


this answered a question i had.

now i don’t have to post about it.

just bought a 12’ katahdin that needs new white gunwales. I am going to drive to OT to buy new black ones. they won’t ship them unless to a dealer.