Gunwale tratment?

Hi All. I have a MRC freedom with wooden gunwales and I’m in need of the ‘varnish’ stuff. Does anybody know what a commonly available equivlant to the manufacturers stuff might be? Failing that any shops in the upper valley VT/NH that carry the stuff. The local Marina/boatshop doesn’t carry it.



Watco Exterior

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Watco Exterior Natural finish oil, Pilgrim! The stuff in the green and white can. You can git it at some hardwaar stores or online. Ah's knows Bell Canoe has it, but a bit expensive - $18 per quart. Gunnel Guard be wat MRC used ta call their version, but it was more expensive. Ah dun't like ta varnish gunnels, ah's just oil em' every few months. Me usually takes dem off every 2-3 years an' oils de side dat be against de hull too. If ye have slotted gunnels, ya should oil de end grain on de slots often. Most o' de rot starts on de end grain an' under de decks near de peaks.

Fat Elmo

Yes, yes!
2nd the Watco.

This was a timely question for me too
because I’ll be picking up a used canoe with wood gunwales this weekend.

Thanks for the responses.