gurney gears foot pump

Hi All, Anyone tried this gadget? Feedback? Thanks, John

I’ve used a very simular designed
pump and it works quite good.

However you are aware that it’s a foot pump for keeping a racing kayak dry?

Forget about emptying a sea kayak after a reentry with this kind of pumps.


am interested in emptying the bit of water that gets in with rolling practice or paddling rough water–think it would work for this purpose?

for that purpose it would be perfect.

I see another dealer list their pump with a capacity of 4.5 liters per minute:

That is way optimistic in my experience. I would estimate the capacity of the pumps I’ve been using in ICF racers to less than 1l per minute.


thanks peter
think i’ll give it a look. i paddle a black pearl, and wouldn’t be able to install a henderson, but this looks practicable. will report back!

Crappy drawing?
For 110.00 dollars i want to see a real picture…