H orseshoe Lake --new barrier gate

(seasonal) fifty yards past turn off for lower dam, coupled with the radical reduction of “designated campsites” along the lake required the dreaded,“change of plans”.

Lesson learned----call DEC to check area acessability for ALL future early spring trips.

…I was at Horseshoe last june and there seemed to be more campsites on the map than there were in reality, I guess that’s why.

Horseshoe Lake Outlet
I plan to cross Lows lake on 4/30. Will this barrier keep me (my van) far from the outlet?

Horseshoe outlet

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guestimated to be 1/2 mile or less from barrier.
Spoke with road maintaince crew working on said gate,they thought that gate would be opened "in a couple of weeks,waiting for the road to dry out".
Mike,i will look for contact point( phone,web site,name etc)and post results.

Survey says:

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Called DEC Potsdam Sub-Office at 315-265-3090.
Eric agreed(un-offficialy) with "two weeks",said that Ranger John Gibbs (315-265-3090) is in charge of that area and although not avilable to-day he is the man to contact about gate opening dates in that area.
Hope this helps.

Thank You
I am sure I can figure something out.

Hey guys, relax. That gate’s been there for years. DEC usually opens it at ice-out if the roads ok. I’ve been there in late April-first week of May and it was open. I don’t get the part about the number of campsites. What’s up with that? You mean on Horseshoe itself? (Who camps there anyway)

BTW, going to Little Tupper 4-30. My friends up there tell me the ice is going. It’s almost always gone by the last week in April.

Ice gone

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from all but east bay of Horseshoe Lake. Seasonal gate on road to Horseshoe Station does not show on Paddlers Map printed in 2003 by Paddlesports Press of Saranac Lake but they do show the seasonal gate on the turn off to Lows lower dam;the new map also shows only campsites #1,3,4,9,11,12,13,16 of the original 16 that are used by those that prefer the method of day trips from a base camp (espically for those with physical limits).

Remember,keep your stick in the water!

Gate on Lower dam rd
This issue has been discussed at length …

If you arrive when gate’s still closed, simple matter of carrying .6m around it or paddle down Horseshoe L outlet from .5m farther up rd

Sorry Glen. Did you get out on the lakes yet?

Easy carry

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to launch as Glen said.
For me the main issue was realizing to late that the area selected for base camp(bulky-heavy gear)was two miles down the road behind a locked gate.
My intent was to alert others,so that they wouldn"t get a simular suprise.

New gate

I apologize. Misread your post about gate & assumed you were referring to one imm after turn off to Lower Dam. Before venturing up that way yesterday realized you musta been talking about a new one. That was confirmed when I saw new gate Mon AM just past Lower dam turn off Rt 421

It was still closed although gate to Lower dam was thankfully wide open. It’s not mentioned in UMP & when closed requires a carry even to Horseshoe L outlet

Completed the traditional 4-27 Low’s - Oswegatchie paddle in record time but can’t claim 1st across honors this yr as others began a multi-day trip on 4-25.

Hope you enjoyed your trip

I will be at the mailbox about 8:30 on Saturday. Once again Glen is over the esker first!

not needed,but accepted.

Am curious to know your record time.

Shouldn’t multi-day trippers be in a different catagory for the “first accross” event?

Thanks for the heads up on on the opening of the Lower Dam gate,i’ll give it another try monday.

It,s open now,

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just returned from four great days of hikeing and camping on the former Low,s estate ,left enough black flies for all to enjoy.