H20 Paddlesports canoes?

Does anyone have any experience with these hulls? Maybe the Edge?

Don’t know the company. “Edge”
suggests a whitewater canoe. If so, you might ask at


If you give us a link to their website, we can give uninformed impressions.

if you googled it you would find it
all by yourself.


gee that was hard.

Most dealers are in Ontario where the boats are made. You’ll be more likely to find someone who is familiar with this line on the Canadian canoeing forum

But the Edge is asymmetrical, and
doesn’t look like a wild ricer.

I recall a myccr discussion, but their latest website seems to offer much more.

Have to explore… Colors are great, but does two tone mean gelcoat, which would mean two steps forward (design, layup) and one step back (chalky ablation layer)?

We’ll just have to hope that their
gelcoat is thinner and more flexible than that used elsewhere.

Many of their boats were appealing, but if I were the buyer, there were few that were spot on for me.

At another extreme, the late Bluewater offering seemed rather limited, but at least of few were very well matched to my crazy preferences. I wish H2O could get ahold of the BW Freedom Tripper 17 mold. Wife wouldn’t let me pick up the last one from the closeout sale.

I thought maybe in the last 2 years…
someone might have some insight into the H2O Edge solo canoe?