Had a real eye opener on saturday!

I’ve gotten so used to paddling my ocean kayak ambush model which is simply a barge, but is as staple as a tug boat. I took my nice new 10’long 30" wide sit in yak out on the lake and wholly crap, I didn not expect that much of instability from what I was used to. It’s about as cheap of a boat as it gets (Pelican pursuit 100) but it’s what I can afford right now. Now my worry is that I won’t be able to adjust to the new boat very well… any sit in paddlers offer me some suggestions here?

butt time
within 45 minutes you will be feeling a lot more comfortable and then a couple of weeks from now you will wonder what all the fuss was about.


hoping so
I’m hoping so, I was planning on being in the water right now, but the kids are at home today so gotta spend some time with them today… maybe tomorrow night. My only big worry is that being I’ve only paddled sit on tops and canoes to this point, what the hell do I do if I flip. Is exiting the cockpit all that difficult. I don’t have a sprayskirt on it right now as I’ll compicate life later in time with getting that off when I flip over.

had same prob
with my Black Marlin. Hadn’t paddled it all season. Picked a hot day at the lake and left my ego in the boathouse. Did just as Brazilbrazil says. Paddled one lap, came in, got off it. Paddled another lap, came in, got off it. Ah, not too bad. And again. Ah, pretty good. Same thing next day. Today or tomorrow I’ll do it again. Each lap gets significantly smoother. But I do wonder if I’ll ever have that boat out on the bay again.

not just butt time, but planned spills
You need to spend some time with that boat, both paddling it, and figuring out what it WON’T do, and WILL do. I’d suggest finding some experienced paddlers, and scheduling a session where you do some planned wet exits, and both shallow & deep water re-entries. If you don’t have a skirt, you’re going to be limited to what all you can practice, but even still, learning where the tipping point of your boat really is, and learning how to deal with it when you do dump out, will make you more confident, and a safer paddler.

Test it…
Take it just offshore in shallow water and little at a time rock it back and forth and try to tip it. You may be surprised at how much you can lean it before it goes over and you will be more comfortable with it.

Get the rythmic breathing going to
loosen those hips…and overexaggerate your J-Leaning. The Bellbouy posture is always the first to creep into one’s posture while sitting. Somkind of foot pegs…secured, would probably help as well.


it’s got adjustable footpegs, but I got attacked by a dog last week so it’s going to be a bit before I get anymore time in the boat, thanks for the advice from everyone and as soon I’m healed up I’ll put it all to good use…

thanks again and have a good day/paddle!


blows my mind
that a boat 30" wide could be “unstable”, unless it is a barrel? :slight_smile:

Cockpit size
Don’t worry about how to get out…Gravity works in water too… just lean forward and you’ll fall out! New cockpit sizes have all but eliminated the worry of entrapment by leaning back… but it’s still a good idea to bump your nose on the front deck as opposed to having a rock “adjust” it for you… lean forward when you start to go over :slight_smile:

The best thing to do after you heal up… is tip it over and climb out several times. Have a friend stand by to help (and laugh)… after you climb out a couple times and realize it’s no big deal…life gets easier. You can practice your braces and not worry if you miss :slight_smile:

btw…a spray skirt won’t hold you in either…so no worries

Paddle Safe and Have Fun!