had an almost perfect paddle today

Spent about 6 hours on the water today covering maybe 12-15 miles. Went way up one of my local rivers. Wandered around some old abandoned irrigation equipment. Spent time exploring an isolated open marshy area that attaches to the river and saw swans, tons of ducks and a bunch of big cranes including one white one. So nice. On the way back I heard some shotgun rounds going off in the distance. Eventually passed and surprised a tin boat near some goose decoys. It is not hunting season. Insert primal scream here.

Not quite so calm today in the tip of the mitt.

The tip of the mitt,
sees is a fit,
to wave wind at play,
keeping sturgeon at bay,
as the Michigan west,
waters Huron earth rest,
so you per strait departin’
seek home lee St. Martin.

Poachers are scum.

Nice photos, all.

Looks like a great trip Tom. Swans are just amazing. Sorry about the poacher. Sounds crazy.

We got out on the nearby small lake for an evening cruise. Paddled back in the moonlight. Saw lots of wildlife including turkey roosting silhouetted against the last light.

Here is my nephew in the Wenonah Sundowner 16 we fixed up for him.

Rookie and Rob, nice pics and thank you for sharing. Both locations look great.

Your nephew is lucky Rob! Very cool how you distribute canoes to family members and very cool that they want them and use them.