Had surgery looking for suitable kayak

I’m looking for a kayak to take my dog and camera with me on leisurely trips. Due to surgery on my upper spine I have chronic pain but I am able to paddle a canoe so I think I should be able to handle a kayak.

I am looking something lightweight & durable and that can go fast with the least amount of effort. Maximum distances would probably be less than a 10 km trip.

I’ve looked at the Pungo but can’t decide between the 120 and 140 models. Primary and secondary stability are of great importance. The Pungo seems to be right on track for my needs.

If you have any suggestions or agree/disagree with my leaning towards the Pungo please left me know.

Thank you :slight_smile:

longer boats are faster
they also allow more weight if your dog is large, and you bring gear.

Hornbeck or Placid Boat Works
You’re already familiar with a canoe so try one where you sit and paddle like in a kayak and give the hound space to boot. Also the two brands I mentioned can be wicked light.

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I agree with a good solo canoe
Or one of these Canyak designs that are around. I won’t get into the brands but there are a lot of good light solo canoes with some capacity for the dog. Get one with some length and it may not be much slower than a kayak. And you know already know you can paddle it.

cheaper but heavier
Old Town is bringing out a version of a pack canoe in October called the Next. (though it is heavier than most packs but similar to the weight of the shorter kayaks). Might be worth a look and the suspension seat could work for your back issues. Price is $999 and supposed to be available in October. Sort of silly promo videos on their website, but it’s an interesting looking boat. The GQ looking model and flashy colors (matching paddles, no less) are an odd shift for stodgy Old Town.

Innova Sunny
An Inflatable. Great as a single or double so good for a dog. Light. Can keep inflated or pack it up and take it with you. Easy to get back in if you capsize. This is what happens when a Pungo capsizes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3WeXGmqYsE

Sit on tops are much better options than the large cockpit kayaks

Native Ultimate is another option

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I have an Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 I use for photography which is very stable & light. The seat is fully adjustable & very comfortable, its like sitting in a lawn chair. It comes in 12', 14.5', & 15' versions.
I paddle strictly local lakes, ponds & resevoirs (flat water) & for my use it tracks well even in a good wind.