Had to stop to clear leaves from my bow today!!!

Took the pic below last Wednesday (Aug 8) as proof that leaves were starting to show up in the water…in the middle of the first full week of August. I think that’s early, right? Then on a different river today there were lots more leaves and I had to stop for first time this year to clear leaves from my bow. The local sweet corn isn’t even ready yet!

That’s a perennial problem with my rowboats. One has a nearly plumb bow and the other is slightly recurved at more than three inches or so above the base. All manner of stuff will get stuck there and start gurgling. I don’t actually have to “clean it off”, because a certain kind of weight-shift, or at worst, a stop-and-pivot action will do the trick. None of my canoes will trap leaves on the bow, as there’s enough slope for them to slip free.

All that said, it’s that time of year when lots of leaves are already coming down, especially those riddled by things like leaf beetles and leaf-miners. Fall is coming too, and there are lots of places where the sumacs are already bright red.

Taken at home earlier this week. We do start seeing some color up here around the county fair, the second week in August. No sweet corn down there, Tom? It just appeared at the farmers’ markets this week and we have one more week before the sweet cherry stands close for the season. One of my favorites, cherries picked from the local orchards, washed, bagged, and sold at stands along the highways.

We have no color but green and the sweet corn has long been ready and it is good!

I just “pump” the boat like “oching” off the beach. Usually the leaves come off. Our trees drop all year.

@Overstreet said:
I just “pump” the boat like “oching” off the beach. Usually the leaves come off. Our trees drop all year.

It’s actually mostly green here except for trees right along the river that have spent many weeks with their bases under water this year. Much of our sweet corn is late due to crop damage from floods and rains early this year. So it looks like a long leaf season and short corn season.