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Has anyone done a trip to Haida Gwaii?

I read the article in Backpacker and the statement that they seen more animals in fifteen minutes than during a week in Yellowstone caught my eye, also the mention of a stop at Hot Springs Island.

It looks kind of hard to get to especially if you bring your own boat, any tips?

Just how crowded is it?



Queen Charlottes or Haida Gwaii
It’s not crowded. You can take a ferry from Prince Rupert, but really if you are going that far why not just head over to Prince of Wales Island and paddle it. Easier access, better protection and easier to access.

A circumnav video of haida gwaii


This Is The Sea 4
Leon Somme, Shawna Franklin, and Justine Curgenven circumnavigated Haida Gwai in 2007. Justine did her usual superb video work, and it is a long feature among those on TITS4. I don’t know if it’ll answer your questions but it’s likely to whet your appetite to paddle there. I remember there being a lot of wildlife in their video (also as usual).

Q Charlotte Is
You are talking about one of the great destinations on Earth for paddlers. Do not worry about crowds, it is too hard to get to. Haida art is the best of all the carvers in the world.

Lots of wildlife, but Yellowstone is in a league of its own.

Thanks All!
Can anyone recommend spcific spots or areas that are must see? Or offer a good variety of water for varying weather and tides?

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Queen Charlottes

Just get a map of the old Haida poles and lodges. Paddle around and look at those. You will see everything. The Native peoples always picked the best spots.

Hot Springs
The last big earthquake we had around here closed off the hot springs on Hot Springs Island. Not running anymore.


We had an outstanding trip
I think it was a little better than Glacier Bay. I’d recommend a trip there to anyone wanting a “Trip of a lifetime.”

We paddled for ten days and seen some amazing sights. It worked out we were able to attend the totem pole raising at Windy Bay, definitely a once in a lifetime experience for us.

Anyone interested in First Nations dealing with the current governments should read the story of the Haida, they went from losing 90% of their population to smallpox to a cooperative management agreement that has become a model for cultures around the world.



Consider poking around at…

Lots of folks there who paddle Haida Gwaii. You can also find some resources at Coast & Kayak Magazine : http://www.wavelengthmagazine.com/



I consider it one of my best trips
but would suggest taking as much time as you can to appreciate the area, the culture, and the history. Keep in mind that it is a long, linear park so unless you hire a drop off/pick up, several days of paddling are in order. If you can swing it, get dropped off at Rose Harbour then paddle your way back to Skidegate or a a different pickup point.

artistic lisence
Well Can’t really compare. Haida you might see Orca’s. Sea Lions and a lot of bird life, you won’t see Grizzley, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Elk, WOlves, Antelope, Mule Deer, and maybe Moose. But seeing 5 Orcas might make up for seeing the other animals listed.