half spray skirt for manitou 13

Looking for a half spray skirt for the fun summer boat, the Manitou 13. Got a little too wet last week in a pond when heading thru 1’ chop with 20 knot winds.

The Harmony Convertible Miniskirt II looks to be too large for the cockpit:


I did find this, Gaia Inflatable Half-Deck Sun/Spray Skirt:


Can’t seem to find a couple of others folks have mentioned in various threads over the years. Any current suggestions for half/mini skirts that fit the cockpit opening of the manitou 13? Thanks!



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I have a Seals mini skirt (they call them splash decks) for a CD Pachena - it works fine. There are two sizes. I got it here:


You can use the Seals table that's available to look up your boat and find which one you need (I think you just need the regular size):


It's a great addition to a rec boat, especially on hot days as it lets a little breeze in around your legs and keeps the sun off my pale knees...

Excellent… thanks for the information! Going to order one up this afternoon…

let us know
Beanboy, I have the same kayak that you do. When you receive your miniskirt, will you post and let me know what you bought and how it fits?

Thanks so much.

finally got SEAL spray deck
Well finally got the SEAL spray deck. Little too much material up front, but not a big deal. Thinking I’ll add a another support at somepoint, or as SEAL about it.

Works well in keeping wind-driven spray from soaking me, and it is great for keeping plastic bag with camera at the ready, so much better than in the PFD pocket.

In fact, while the reason I got it was to keep the spray off, finding that the easy access to the camera has been more of a benefit. For $30 or so, not too bad.