Half spray skirt

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I'm looking to find a half spray skirt for my Impex Montauk. I've seen Wilderness Systems versions of the 'mini skirt,' but they seem to be tailored to their boats. I know I've seen them somewhere but, for the life of me, I can't seem to locate one! Who would carry such a skirt? (if one would even fit my boat) Thanks in advance!

Oh, and one for a Romany, too!

a local outfitter carrys them
http://www.mountainmanoutdoors.com/mtnman/index.html thats a link if not online calll they ship anywhere

Half skirt
I bought a half skirt from Seaward Kayak when I bought a Passat G3 from them last year. They offered the half skirt on their web site. It was made by Brooks and is was also on their web site.

Mini Skirt
Voyageur makes a couple of sizes. Works well on muggy days, but doesn’t keep the insects out. Tends to ship water when you forget and practice sculling & braces!


"Work deck"
I have one that the dealer called a work deck. It’s half a skirt with a strap to tie things down to it with and a cup holder that I like much better than the one built into the seat. Try the web under the word “Work deck” when you look through a yak site.

Can I Ask…?
The Montauk and the Romany are (good-excellent) ocean oriented boats. Are you paddling in the ocean? If you’re paddling the ocean, the (full) skirt becomes very much a part of the boat’s “safety.”


Half Cockpit Cover
Are you able to give me the brand name of the half cover with cup holder for yor kayak? I have been searching for one I saw in Jacksonville, FL.