Half Spray Skirt

I am looking for a “mini” skirt for my yak. Basically I just want to keep paddle drip water and deck spray off my lap during the summer paddles. I am not concerned about getting water in the boat from capsizing or extreme edging.

So what I am looking for is a skirt that starts just in front of my waist and covers the forward portion of the cockpit, but you don’t wear it like a traditional skirt. Wilderness Systems makes what I think are the right product, but I haven’t seen one in real life to know for sure.

Anyone have some ideas?



Don’t leave home without it
My mini skirt keeps me cool when the sun is hot, warm when the air is cold, and dry when the paddle drips. Give yourself a treat.

Here you go.
I have three of these and love them. You will never go out without this. Don’t waist time. If you have quick access to one buy it now. if not here is a very reliable source.


Good luck,


Mini skirt
I made mine from an old cockpit cover. I sewed a strip of close cell foam at the back edge of the front to divert the water. It works fine, expecially with a greenland paddle drips and looks like the manufactured one’s.

I Made my skirt do double duty…
I don’t mind the paddle drips or occasional spray, it’s hot outside right now…I marked both sides of the skirt right in front of my waist, and added two 3/4" loops sewn to the skirt just above the elastic drawcord. Tie an appropriate length of elastic cord to the loops and drop it over the front of the cockpit coaming, let the front of the skirt dangle in your lap. Vents the cockpit and keeps the back of the skirt firmly in place. This makes grabbing the skirt and putting it in place to deal with increased wave height or rain easy…

Voyageur makes a couple…
Here’s a link to the skirts that are made by Voyageur.


I have one of the std. mini skirts and I love it. It’s great for exactly what you want.


I love mine
I have a high-angle paddling style, and the mini-skirt is a must-have. My wife made my first one for me, but it was such a PIA that I just ponied up the $30 and bought the WS skirt for my second boat.

Without the mini-skirt, I get a lot of water in my boat from paddle drips.

Mini skirts
My husband paddled for years with just the combing on his cockpit. When I got my CD Kestrel this spring, he bought me a mini to use with it. We were both so impressed that we bought one for him, too, and now he can’t imagine paddling without it. Definitely worth the $, for all the reasons already noted.