Hammer Paddle Length

Just picked up a used P & H Hammer, and enjoying the heck out of it. Question: what paddle length do people prefer for this boat? I’ve tried my 215 cm (my usual touring length) and my 200 cm ww paddle (a long ww paddle for me). So far I prefer the ww paddle, but interested in people’s opinions. BTW, I am 6’5".Thanks.

I also prefer short
I use my 205 when I paddled a Hammer for 3 days at Baja Kayak Fest 2 years ago. That worked for me. That was rock gardening and surfing.

Ben, one advantage that we tall
people have is we usually have long arms and can use shorter paddles than “normal” sized people. I use a 220 in my Tarpon which is really wide compared to most SINKs.

Makes up for our high COG.

I’d agree with short
I shortened my touring paddle because I tend to do more coastal paddling, playing in surf and rock-gardening.

Envious of the new boat! Have always wanted to paddle the Hammer.

Thanks so much for the helpful input. Will stick with the ww paddle, and continue to enjoy my boat.