HAMMER touring ?


is the P&H hull a WW touring kayak ?

check this out datakoll

Impressive, but don’t try this at home
unless you are also an expert whitewater paddler, and have already run and raced on Burnt Ranch Gorge so that you can guide a 13’ sea kayak competently. Familiarity (with class 4+ whitewater) breeds success.

I would NOT want to see random sea kayakers buying Hammers and thinking they can jump on class 4+ whitewater they have never run before. It takes great accumulated skill and river knowledge to do what Kemp did.

On an ezwater note, the Trinity is a study in contrasts. I ran open canoe on the class 2 miles of the Trinity, on down to the put in for Burnt Ranch Gorge. Then I loaded my boat on the car.

Only If You Are Mike Kemp
Not many of us mortals would attempt Burnt Ranch Gorge in any boat let alone a sea kayak … but then we aren’t Mike… who happens to not only be a notable kayaker but a mountain biker and disc golf pro as well … and add to that a hell of a nice dude.

I’ve seen him driving around town with the Hammer on the roof and wondered what he was up to. I figured it would be something epic on the ocean, but the Burnt Ranch trip defies expectation.

Played with one
I got a chance to try one out but just in a indoor swimming pool last week. It doesn’t paddle like a sea kayak. Its closer to my Pyranha fusion than a sea kayak. You can spin the kayak in place which you cant do with any sea kayak I have ever paddled. Has super high initial stability enough to stand up in it which I did for a few seconds. Doesn’t roll all that well but not super hard just a little harder, similar to my Pyranha Fusion.

If they weren’t so darn pricey I might consider one. Since I only used it in the pool I wonder if it has decent speed especially compared to my rather slow Fusion. It could replace that but since its so pricey I doubt I would ever get one unless I found a used one for cheap.

That’s pretty cool…

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I also remember seeing the guys from Liquid Logic doing the Grand Canyon in similar sized boats, totally self supported. Seems paddlers are starting to re-embrace longer boats...

Also, quite heavy
Indeed, more of a WW design than a sea going (touring) kayak. But way too heavy. In WW, unless just plowing straight down or going with he flow with gentle maneuvers for the most part, it gets tiring to fight a 13’+ boat that is in the 60lb+ range. A long boat that is heavy is more of a handful than a shorter one of the same weight. That was one of the reasons I sold my Delphin, even though it was a great boat for messing around the local class I-III runs that I often paddle. And, while the Hammer has plenty of hatches, it is slow and clumsy compared to most “regular” sea kayaks (perfectly fine getting to the play spot, but not much of a tourer…)

Now That’s Pretty Neat
Wonder if anyone has done it in a Ocean Kayak Scupper Classic?


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gives the hull a feeling of pilot house schooner..which is exactly the sensation I feel watching the Gorge video.

Edited crashing against the rock...

Great Newton..itsa loaded Grumman/Galt Cruiser and at 13'. Now there's a design advance.

And design for WW touring was my question but I'm 6'4" with size 15EE feet so...

another 3' and you can load your car on it.

oh well....

On 'WEST COAST PADDLER' an Irishman posts on surfing...excellent watching for technique. go see.

Yes I forgot to mention the thing was very HEAVY when I picked it up. That night I had a Valley Avocet RM and the Hammer was heavier than my longer Avocet but the Hammer is a lot wider too. I guess its a thicker plastic? Not sure if the P&H Hammer uses the multi layer plastic like both Valley and P&H use on the other plastic kayaks.

The Hammer is single-dump PE, like a whitewater boat.

Definitely a cool boat, though you may not want to cover a lot of miles in one. Surfs and splats like no sea kayak though.

Definitely not
I have one and it’s a blast on frothy rivers and ocean/lake surf. But it has a relative low hull speed and plows water. The Delphin does a better job of straddling the fence.

that was my impression
Haven’t paddled either but that’s what it looks and sounds like.