Hammock camping

I am considering a Hammock over tent for overnighters but I ususually camp with my two boys ages 7 and 10. Is there a Hammock camping solution where I could use one or two hammocks for all 3 of us?

Twin Oaks
makes what’s called a “family hammock” if that might be what your looking for.



look at the sleepcatcher hammock on the right…

I wouldn’t
Because of the way a hammock tries to force the occupant to the center, I really can’t see spending the entire night with two-three people in a hammock.

agreed with natalienass
its even hard with 2 people…we just returned from several days in GSMNP paddling camping Fontana…3 of us, a 17 year old, a 12 year old and myself…for them I put 2 hammocks on 3 trees and their heads were semi close together (the youngest’s first hammocking experience and first backcountry camping experience)…I was 15 feet away on my own 2 trees. All slept well :slight_smile: