Hammock with mosquito netting

So I’m thinking I’d like to have a hammock for kayaking/camping this coming season and now it’s time to pick one out. I have next to no experience with hammocks and there’s no place around here to check them out in person. I’d like to sleep in it at times and since the mosquitos tend to get thick where I go I’m interested in the ones with mosquito netting built in.

Kinda like this one-


Any thoughts on rope as opposed to nylon? The nylon looks lighter and probably packs smaller so it will probably win on those counts but does it get kind of sweaty laying on in hot weather?

Anything in particular I should be keeping an eye out for or looking to avoid?



WOW low price
That thing is soo cheap as to make it almost a no brainer to try it. I don’t like the made in china part and I don’t think the side entry zipper is a good idea, but you can try it for so little that it seems like a decent plan to just get it. It you like hammock sleeping but that one wears out fast you can buy a Hennesy hammock next.

I bought my Hennesy hammock for more than double that price many years ago and I really like it for any warm weather camping.

The Hennesy is the best finished product on the market, but be sure to get a larger than standard fly.

The Clark Jungle Hammock sleeps better but is a little fussier to pitch due to too many cords on the rain fly.

If you’re claustrophobic, Crazy Creek has a neat unit with poles, but that makes it heavier and bulkier.

Old experience
Try a hammock for a night or afternoon and see if you can stand your knees locking or the overall shape for many hours. Also, much heat is lost below, may need a blankie underneath even in warmish weather. Also, what’s to keep bugs from piercing the nylon bottom into your bottom with their probocis?

Buggies do bite thru
Used a Hennesy hammock for several seasons. First night got bit through the fabric so afterward used a foam pad as barrier. Worked OK.

Hammocks have good and bad points. On slow rivers with many gravel and sand bars a tent performs better than a hammock in my book.

Hiking the deep woods in warm weather I’d take a hammock.

I use a Jungle Hammock from
mosquitohammocks.com. It costs more than the one you listed, but it is a great hammock. Easy to hang, great features, and its own fly. I am 6’3’’ and 260 lbs and there is plenty of room. It costs $130. Worth it. There are several other options at this site, look for the one that is camo.

multiple choice
one of these things is not like the others

a. WOW, low price!

b. That thing is sooo cheap!

c. I don’t like the made in china part

d. Hennesy hammock is double that price

can you guess which one before I’m done singing my song?

Bug spray for clothing…buy it at Walmart(Camping section)…

Spray the nylon (Including the netting) and let dry…no more bite thru’s…

IMHO, Henneseys

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win hands-down for bug protection. Of all the designs out there, I believe that HH allow the fastest and most secure entry, excluding more insects.

As for "sweatiness" the un-coated nylon of the HH allows for an amazingly cool sleep on muggy nights. The suggestion for spraying it with permethrin is a good idea, as a determined skeeter can puncture the bottom of the HH.


PS: Buy a larger model if you are claustrophobic. HH's design allows sleeping on your side as well as your back in an almost level attitude.

Thanks for all the comments. After looking a little closer at the original one I linked to I saw it was only 6 1/2’ feet long and considering I’m 6’1" that seemed a bit short. I ended up buying this one from Campmor-


I’m sure there’s still plenty of room for improvement but it will let me see how I like using a hammock and I’ll find out just how much use I have for it. If I find I enjoy it and want more out of my hammock I’ll spend some more bucks on a better one.

Thanks again,