Hammocks and Carolina Beach NC

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I will be in the area for a day only next week (most probably Wednesday). Any suggestions as to which area would be best for a day paddle (kayak)? I hope to stick to protected saltmarshes - no surf paddling! Additionally, I am rusty - this is my first paddle of the year.


Put in at Snow’s Cut…
…public ramp just under the Snow’s Cut bridge. Paddle up the waterway north northeast about 2.5 miles. Explore creeks and marshes behind Masonboro Island. Get out and walk across the island to the beach. If the wind isn’t bad it’ll be an easy paddle and worth the trip.

Or River Rd. park is a place where people launch kayaks on the Cape Fear River. If there’s a strong east wind this might be easier.

Have fun!

Never Been To Snow’s Cut
but MarkinNC took us on a nice paddle from Hammock’s Beach. Paddled around some islands and had a great time.

Many Places
YakFisher and Kudzu both pointed out nice places to paddle. Of the two I would favor Hammocks Beach just because the trip out to Bear Island is so pretty and hiking on Bear Island is great.

There are many places in between the two also. Wrightsville Beach is very pretty and has miles of saltmarh the can be explored between the ICW and the Island. Same with Topsail Island.

Where ever you go, have fun!

Happy Paddling,


River Park? Wherezat?
Also consider Carolina Beach State Park, at the junction of Snow’s cut and Cape Fear, You can go straight across the river and walk around Fort Anderson and Old Brunswick Town.


Good place to launch at the park on the river side of the boat landing parking lot. Caution is in order for strong current (either direction depending on the tide) and traffic, boat and ship. Waves can be an item when you have 20 kt South and the tide going out.

I Asumed
that YakFisher was talking about the little park at the end of River Road where it dumps out onto 17.

Yep, keep your eye out for wind and current if you choose Carolina State Park. Can turn from dead calm to white caps in nothing flat. Great paddle as Dwight pointed out with the Civil War fort and fortifications across the way. There are two Islands with beaches that can be landed on at about the halfway point across. Another option from the park is to head West a short bit and cut in toward Carolina Beach and tour the town.

Is that an O’day Day Sailor riding the Southport ferry?

Happy Paddling.

White Oak River
Upper part of White Oak River is also lovely, and more sheltered if windy. Best paddle shop, and also a good put in for paddle out to Bear Island is Barrier Island Kayak in Swansboro/Cedar Point. Lamar is one of the few BCU 5 coaches on the East Coast, and a really nice guy.

Fort Fisher and Zeke’s Island
are right down “the street” from Carolina Beach. http://ils.unc.edu/parkproject/ncparks.html is the State Site for all the NC State Parks

Stay safe on the water

Thanks all
for the info. Hope the weather cooperates.