Hammocks in the BWCA

Here I sit, daydreaming again.

Having neer been to the BWCA, but having canoed in other shield areas (Quebec) I was wondering if the “average” BWCA campsite has suitable trees for pirching a Hammock? I iagine that the answer is “yes”, but it would be a rude awakening to find lots of smallish trees that would bow unacceptably.


yes and no

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Normally I would say no problem. However, you need to avoid the "blow down" area. In July 1999 there was a huge storm with 100+ mph straight line winds. It flattened about 200,000 acres of forest from Basswood Lake east. There are lots of campsites in that area where trees large enough to swing your hammock might be scarce. The Forest Service has a map of the blow down area on their BWCA website I believe.

Thats some blowdown! Thanks for the heads up.


Lots of trees for hammocks. Even in the blow down area most of the campsites still have perfectly suitable trees.

No problem
I plan on bringing mine come August and anticipate no problems.


This link is for info on the Cavity Lake Fire, might have more impact on your hammock/camping plans. Other than this potential conflict most all campsites will have some trees to use. I’ve seen more hammocks in the BWCA each year.