hand grabbers

The family and I have been helping with river clean ups for a long time. In the past we always used what was available from the clean up sponsors. Looking for a quality hand grabber that will take kid abuse and adult mishaps. Thanks


I did purchasing for a jan-san distributor for a few years, look for the name UNGER I bet you’ll find them on-line. Their grabber is well made. All their stuff is.

My wife and I do clean up… on dry land. Blew out one grabber recently after, eh, six years. Just got another at the Infamous Harbor Freight Tools store, dirt cheap and I’ll consider it expendable.

We use the Harbor Freight cheapies
about $3.99 and they last a few years of 2-3 times a year.

Tape a piece of foam to the handle. They won’t float,don’t ask how I know that.

Thanks for helping keep the waters clean!