hand held sonar depth finder

HAs anyone used or can someoen recomend a hand held. I would like to buy one to find the good fishing holes in the river. The PolarVision unit claims that it will shoot thru a kayak. I don’t believe it. Any help would be appreciated. Available units are; HawkEye, Polarvison both for $99.

The work, but its easier to get
something like the Eagle Cuda 128 or 168 and mount the transducer permanantly inside the hull. The handhelds seem a bit cumbersome to handle from a kayak and, from my experience with a 168 I modified by attaching the transducer to a piece of pvc and sticking the pipe inside a piece of pool noodle, you only get accurate readings win sitting still or at a mild drift. If you get a handheld, make sure it floats as you may have to release it because of river conditions.

What Fletch said…
I opted for the Fish Eagle 240 and mounted my transducer with Marine Goop. Nuthin to it. Powered by two 6v batteries wired in series. Weight = 4.1 lbs.

I bought a hummingbird pirahna 10 depthfinder on sale for 68.00,then went online to hummingbird and

bought a conversion kit to portable with a suction cup transducer for 20.00,total under 90.00

Waypoints where to find them
Where can I find waypoints to load into my GPS?

Is there an economical (cheapest way) to do it? What is Google Mapping?

Some maps now have gps waypoints.
There are also accessory map packages you can buy, all rather expensive. Google mapping is a Google mapping program that gives you very good resolution maps of a specific area, either by coordinates or by selecting a road, town, major lake or river, etc to view. You need high speed internet access for Google mapping to do you much good.

Thanks to all who responded
Thanks Everyone. Its still cold in WI, but this weekend should be 60 degrees and sunny. My wife and I will be out both days.

go here
http://www.jdmcox.com/ download usaphotomaps.

you can then mark a route and waypoints on your pc and then download it to your gps.