Hand held VHF Radio Suggestion

Years ago I used a hand held VHF(back when it was required to have a license and the radio was about the size of WWII walkie-talkie). I used it mostly for weather reports but also want if for the possibility of an emergency. I am now, again, in the market and I am thinking about the Icom M72. Suggestions? Reviews?


A few previous VHF threads




Many Thanks!
Thank you for the links to all the helpful comments. I am new to this forum and I must not have been using the search function properly. Again, thank you.


I’ve bought two
they both work great. One sat in my kayak for a week after being tumbled in the surf covered with sand and salt water(not recommended). Not sure what else is out there but it’s got a lot of bang for the buck.

Good radios
I’ve had an ICOM M72 for a couple of years. So do several of my friends. They are good radios, no problems so far. A little splash doesn’t hurt them and an occasional surf landing dunking has been ok if they get rinsed off by the bucket dip method in fresh water.

pretty sure it was an M72
I had that sank. Best handheld I ever had except for that feature. Incredible battery life.