Hand Pump Mount

What’s the simplest method of storing a standard Beckson Thirsty-Mate or similar pump inside a kayak? It will not fit between the seat posts and sides or the boat. Preferable some method or available clamp that does not involve glassing.



two places for mine
i either put it:

in the hole i amde for it at teh top of my foam bulkhead (then it runs the lentgh of the cockpit flush against the deck)-easy to grab not in

the way…

behind the back band…then it is easy to get again…and out of the way…


Minicell foam holders
You can fabricate a pair of under-deck pump holders out of minicell foam (use approx. 2" thickness) or purchase a pair of ready made ones from Brian Nystrom, like I did :wink:

To complete the installation:

  • place the foam holders over the pump and place the pump where you want it on the underside of the foredeck.
  • Mark-off the two areas that will accept the foam holders with a Sharpie marker.
  • Lightly sand the marked “foot print”
  • Apply Wood-Weld Contact Cement (Gel) to both the prepped under-deck areas and the foam holders
  • Let the cement cure for at least 15 min, but no longer than 2 hours.
  • Press the foam holders on to the marked area under the deck without the pump attached, so they will follow the deck contours
  • Done!

why didn’t I think of that! No need to worry about getting gashed in the leg, when re-entering from a wet exit, by metal or plastic clamps. What’s Brian’s pnet name so I can email him? Lately “time” has been scarcer than “money” for me so I’d rather buy 'em than make 'em. Thanks again.


bnystrom (NM)


Pics of pump holders
You can see pics of pump holders and other things in my Kayak Outfitting album on Webshots at: