Hand saws and more...

We were out trying to clear Blackwater Creek in the Seminole forest today. I love my loppers and have a great folding saw, but I’m looking to expand my range of weapons.

Is the Sabrecut the best hand operated chain saw?

For weed mats, my RiverShorty works, but not so much. What would be a high end hedge trimmer, a giant scissors for snipping through these tangled, submerged root systems?

When Mark succeeds in opening this up, it’s going to be one amazing Florida paddle trip.


look to
arborist type saws.

A folder is OK if you are cutting a limb or two, but if you are serious, get a serious saw.


I have cut my way up poles on hooks and having a saw that will take a measurable amount with each pass is real nice to have when you are working in a uncomfortable position. A bit longer saw will give you a longer draw and is eaiser to use.

In the Florida Keys and 10,000 …
islands, I don’t leave the beach without my trusty pruning saw.

There are too many unexplored mangrove channels to explore that need a little clearing here and there.

Jack L

My folder is the Corona,
and she’s a mean beast. Now I see it’s got a big brother. A bit spendy, but I’m liking it!

Thanks for the link!


The 10" Corona…
…is a great foldable saw at a bargain price ($20). I also have a Silky “Big Boy” (14") that makes short work of larger logs, but is more bulky to carry.

I have tried many, but the one I found best is a “Forester 13” pruning saw". It is non folding and cuts on the RETURN stroke. Cuts like crazy and I find cutting pulling easier than pushing.


There’s a somewhat larger Japanese
saw that cuts on the pull, and like other Japanese saws, cuts like crazy.

quick search

You may be thinking of…
…the Silky “Katana Boy”, which is a real cutting beast.


My compressor is a bit heavy to lug through the swamps!


BTW, has anyone tried one of the hand operated chain saws? Or cutting weed mats with a hedge trimmer? I guess I’ll be the first!

you mean the little chains with a ring on each end?

If so, no I havent used one for limbs. I have seen a lot of people try to use them on limbs. The operative word being try. I think they are like the multi tool saws. If you have nothing else it is better than your teeth.

I succeeded about half the time with
the chain//cable version, on high limbs. Not worth trying.

Wow, that’s quite a saw! But I was
thinking of a simpler Japanese version, traditional in detail.

For cutting poly boat cockpits
I preferred the original ~8" Gerber, no longer available. But for wood, the Gerber was relatively toothless.

boat -
towed raft- compressor- hose - > cutter head,

I projected Stihl for example would serve a production unit right off but no looks like the idea is a special order roll your own. Float your own.

Like a nail gun. NAIL THE SWAMP !

Power is stationary, user gets mobility.


You are most probably right…
but I’m going to try one for the heck of it. It seems like it would be very useful for undercutting low lying limbs that would pinch a sawblade, or even getting at a partly submerged limb. I’d be a bit concerned using this over my head!


I consider myself warned that I may be wasting $20, so thanks for that!


Thanks for doing that!
Blackwater is a beautiful run… I take it you need a saw that will handle some six-8 inch diameter wood? Got stopped dead by a tree there last year.

Been using a Bob Dustrude folder up here for sawing when needed… handles decent size balsam.


All Japanese style saws…
…cut on the pull stroke. It seems that most pruning saws do too these days. When I was looking at them last year, I don’t recall seeing any push-style saws. With the thin blades of pruning saws, it just make more sense to cut on the pull stroke.