Handicapped paddlers

I am a handicapped paddler (Becker’s muscular dystrophy) and am looking to hear from other handicapped or disabled padddlers… I am interested in paddling partners on eastern L.I. and am thinking of the possibility of forming a club or group to get together for day trips in L.I. area. I would also like to find “disabled friendly” put-ins. My email is "zoomundy@yahoo.com".

Adaptive Paddling
Here are a couple of threads discussing this topic. Hope you find a good program in your area.





Not exactly what you are looking for …

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Check out Steve Boehne's web page at Infinity waveskis --- Steve has made a big effort to get people out paddle surfing who might surprise you. I have surfed with some of the people in the pics and they are quite inspiring.


try the MDA
They have local support groups and may be able to help. You probably know about the BMD org database; they list names and addresses and emails of people with BMD and you may find someone near you that’s interested in paddling. Also, local kayak shops or clubs might be able to hook you up with a partner. Try re-posting with LI in the title, there are a number of paddlers from your area that post here.

Paddling seems like the perfect exercise for your condition. I wish you the best!


For Differently Abled Adaptive Paddling
I found this article in a local news paper. Check it out. Neat!




ACA Adaptive Paddling
Go to americancanoe.org and look up the info on Adaptive Paddling.


I believe Janet Zetterman is still the chariperson of this committee. She is an avid paddler who terrestrially requires a wheelchair to get around. Aquaticlly, paddle, paddle, paddle.

Hope this helps.

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ACA Adaptive Paddling
Elaine Mravetz is the current chair: rmravet@uakron.edu.