Handle Repair advice Sun dolphin Jurney 12 SS

So I purchased a Sun Dolphin Journey 12 SS, for a reasonable price, it has light repair work needed. I have already watched a ton of videos on plastic welding, and I feel confident that I can handle the screw holes and light work needed. There is however one handle that needs replaced. I watched a Kayak USA video about the squirrell chewing holes in a kayak and repairing it with Gator Patch. I am intrigued by this rather expensive but what looks to be perfect material for my needs. I need advice on how to repair the handle as it goes through the bow of the kayak.

I dont know if I should just fill this and then bolt on another handle, or cut this off flush and patch with a gator patch and then screw on another handle. Suggestions???

Good luck. How did the handle get ripped out?
After reading about Gator Patch, that sounds like the way to go.
Let us know how well it works.

Assuming you are putting a handle back there, you will want a lot of strength to that area. I am not familiar with Gator Patch, but I am pretty sure you will want more strength than it provides. Or what welding would do. I would attach a handle to a solid metal strap which will pull up against the undamaged hull and provide a few inches of surface area. Then patch or weld around that to seal the hole and handle in place (though you may want to glue or otherwise add a second attachment to hold the metal piece on to the boat.

I purchased the kayak with the damage this way. Kust trying to repair it.

Yeah Reinforce will be the name of the game. After speaking with a friend we have come up with a plan to open this area up and sandwich the kayak with mounting blocks inside and outside for a new strap. Going to upgrade the strap as well so we hopefully only have to do this once. I will try to take photos as we do the repair or perhaps a video. He owns the same kayak and we will be doing the same repairs on his boat as well.