Handle replacement

I have recently purchased some used Wilderness Tarpon kayaks and just about all the handles need to be replaced. I can not figure out how to replace the ones that have no access to underneath the bolt. I was told they all have nuts on the underside and when I try to unscrew them they just keep turning. Specifically the side handles and and rear handle. Please help! Google is useless. Thanks!

Normally the ones that don;t have a nut accessible from the inside have nuts which are molded into the plastic. In this case, just unscrewing from the top should remove it. But sounds like that isn;t working for you.

If there is something wrong and you can access the inside, you could drill out the current nut/bolt and put in a new nut/bolt to attach the straps. Use some sort of sealant like Lexall around the nut to keep water out.

On my 3 WS boats all the nuts are molded in.


Thanks for the input. I’ll have to spend some more time on it and figure out what the deal is