Hanging a Kayak in Garage

Just finished my Chesapeake 17 and really enjoy it so far. I now need to hang it from the rafters in my garage. They are sturdy so can easily support the weight of the kayak. I am looking for some suggestions on a kit or some type of pulley system including the rack itself.

Also I have a regular railed trailer that I need to convert to a kayak transporter and would like suggestions on this type of rack. Thanks.

I have one …
of these and it works quite well. Considerably cheaper than the name brand version.


Bicycle lift?
10 bucks from Harbor Freight. I’ve got several of these, they work well, especially for 9.99!


I just used eyebolts and straps
Lower one end at a time, works fine.

listen to Angstrom
you can make a simple system with just straps or ropes…works great

I’ve built 2 hoists(1 kayak, 1 canoe) with pulleys and ropes. I was pleased with both then I won a Harken Hoister. The Harken works considerably easier and safer.


Keep it simple…

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NRS tie down straps, and eye bolts will do the job just fine. Have 3 canoes hanging from my garage ceiling right now;used a total of 6 eye bolts & 6 straps to hang 3 canoes.

Want to see photos of how I rigged it; send me an email.


Garage Hoist
Here’s mine: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/560969181QajkKx

Handy Hooker
Based reading hoist reviews on this site, I purchased the Handy Hooker system and have been quite pleased with it. One person can gradually raise or lower the boat one end at a time - cam locks on the webbing hold the boat in position while in the air as you move from one end of the boat to the other.

BAC works for me
I have one kayak hanging on a system I made my self from big box parts, and two hanging from the BAC hoists. I prefer the BAC hoists. They work more smoothly and are safer.

I have two of the inexpensive bike hoists that I own, but haven’t gotten the chance to use yet.

Cgheap bike hoists
Last night I installed one of the cheap bike hoists rated to 50 lbs. I’ll use it for my bikes, but not for my kayaks. It seemed flimsy.

Bike Hoist
I have the same cheap bike hoist for my old rec kayak, but I haven’t used it for my 17’ Chatham since it weighs more than the 50 lbs that the hoist is limited to. I was thinking of getting thicker rope though… Here’s a pic:


Kayak hanger
I have ahome made ystem of pulleys and straps that works great for my canoe. I just bought kayaks. Since they are poly, I want to know what is the proper distance apart to prevent sagging or “oil canning” of the boat. I have a 14.5 ft. boat.