Hanging Kayaks

I am looking at the kayak hoists at:


Any comments on these versus the Harkin versions?

The same basic hoist…
…is sold for bikes. It works fine, but you can probably find it cheaper if you look around. We found a pair of them for ~$20 each at TJ Maxx of all places and I’ve seen them in Marshalls stores as well (they’re part of the same company).

We got the same from Campmor. We are very happy with them. We have two pair for two of our boats. I rigged my own with pulleys for the other boats. I ran line through swimming noodles to use as straps under the boats. (1 swimming noodle cut in half for each boat.)

One more item

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Has anyone purchased this system?


Your Joists
have to run the same diirection as the OAL of your kayak with this rig. With a Harken Hoister, dosen’t matter?? I love my Harken Hoisters (2)

I have been scared off by the Harkens because of the poor documentation…I am very bad at putting things together …

Do NOT hang your boats as shown in
these fotos!!!

Canoe should always be stored on it’s gunwales at or near the thwarts. Kayaks should be hung with straps at or near the bulkheads, or with straps closer together than shown.

You will see boats hung like this in stores, BUT they do not keep them long and move them around so they do not see the damage before being sold.

Do not store boats on end either.



I find it cheaper and more versitle to

get and use my own components: rope, straps, eye bolts or screws, cleats, etc. I have never paid that much to hang a single or multiple boats.



So, buy a friend a beer who is better
at “putting things together” and have them help you.



SOooo, what will happen?
Not likely to happen with glass boats.

A cheap solution for shorter boats…

< \ o / >

The slashes are ropes and should actually be at a much more acute angle, more than 45 degrees. It is rather easy to slip one end of the boat over one diagonal, then the other over the other diagonal. MUCH easier than if the ropes were perpendicular to the axis of the boat. The diagonal orientation also distributes weight better on plastic boats. If this hanging arrangement is used in a very wind-exposed location, it may be best to either snub these diagonal loops tighter once the boat is in place, or to clip safety snubs to the grab loops.

I used this arrangement to hang WW decked boats in an open carport for 9 years with no problems.