Hanging my kayakK

For years, my Perception Sundance Kayak has been hanging from two straps in the rafters. I have decided it is time to take it down and use it. To make it easier for me to store it I bought a lift consisting of ropes and pulleys designed to hold a bicycle with the intention of using straps to equally distribute the load on boat. Once installed, I noticed that the hooks intended for the back of the seat and the handlebars fit nicely (once turned around) in the front and back of the cockpit coaming. Is this a good way to lift the boat?

Sounds ok to me. The cockpit is usually
one of the strongest parts of the boat.

Just make sure that however you hook on that lifting apparatus, the boat doesn’t slip off in the process.

It might be alright
Lifting the boat by hooking to the coaming might be fine, but I would not leave it hanging that way.