Hanging up my kayak

Just got my CD Isle 18. Sweet boat. I have a question about storage. In my garage I rigged up 2 pulleys to the ceiling. I fashioned cradles of rope strung with heavy duty pool noodles. Is it safe to store my kayak this way? One support is right at the front bulkhead. The other is about 2-3 feet forward of the stern. Is there any danger of warping my boat? I ask because in stores kayaks always seem to be stored in wood cradles.

Any help is appreciated.


It sounds like a good setup
I do wonder about the spacing, that may be a little wide for an 18’ boat. I have had good luck dividing the boat into thirds and putting the supports in that general area.

I suppose I could move the rear sling forward which would give support at the bulkheads front and rear. Just don’t know if this is necessary.

If the kayak was poly I’d be worried about deformation in the Florida heat. With FG don’t know if its an issue.


You are hanging it on the side, right?
It is strongest that way.

You are hanging it on the side, right?
No. I have the kayak deck up as it would sit in the water. The slings (with swim noodles) cradle the hull and sides. Does it matter side or deck up??

pool noodles no good
You’ll see why in a week or so.

just use
Webbing type strap material at the bulk heads with boat on its side. Composite material will take the heat.

Ryan L.

If you’re worried
hang it on its side, and at the bulkheads

pool noodles no good

I used pool noodles for 4 years with a 60 pound canoe. Same setup.

No problems.

What are you suggesting??

my experience
Is that pool noodles compress to no thickness when something heavy is on them for a long time.

I have the same set-up
for about 12 years now on a 14.5 foot poly kayak.

I just use poli rope but right under the bulk heads.

My garage gets quiet warm, but Pa. weather isn’t like down south.I never had any sign of warping ,oil canning,or anything else that shows I was doing it wrong.

Well as I received different opinions from fellow forum members I called Current Designs. Per the maker of my Isle 18 it is fine to use my above described slings, either resting on hull or side although they did state the side is a bit “stronger”. It was suggested I place slings as close to bulkheads as possible but in the end no problems with my method.

I built this
I built my own holder out of 2 by 4 and 3 inch wide nylon strap. Kayak stored on side with straps located at bulkheads.You caould also just get the nylon strap and hang it off rafters.