Happy National Canoe Day, Pilgrims!



Where the heck have you been ?
Haven’t seen any posts from you in a while.

I wish the “national canoe day” was on a week day"

There is way too many lake lice and tipsy power boaters on the lake on weekends

Jack L

I celebrated!
On Mt Desert Narrows

No sea lice. Don’t see many on saltwater here

Paddled to Bsr Harbor noted the crazy crowds the cruise ships and followed the tide back to start

Lovely intensely sunny day in the seventies

And a Happy Canoe to you, too, you…
…ole Polecat of Paramus and Hound Dog of Hackensack, or some such Burrough of burros.

Today, I perambulated per pole and paddle with pooch in canoe on the Patapsco, pleased to peruse a pair of OC can you says amongst the usual armada of sup/sink/sots.

We’re a thinnin’ herd, we gunnel gappers. But, like Papillon, floatin’ out there somewhere on his netbag of coconuts, “Hey you bastards! We’re still here!”

Happy Canoe Day to you

Its good to know you are still among us for another Canoo Day. May we see your posts for many more of them.


I did not know
that yesterday was National Canoe Day.

But I did spend much of the day in a canoe.

Caught a mess of bream
from my canoe that day. Brought them home and fried them within the hour for supper. Didn’t even know I was celebrating CANOE DAY! Should be a paid holiday!!

Fried Bream rolled in mustard (I use mustard base barbeque sauce) and flour and cornmeal are a bit better than the classic spam in a can, but take a bit more work.