Happy National Canoe Day

Happy Nationool Canoo Day, Pilgrims. Waar in de woyld be de Gray Thing dis fine day?


Same to you Elmo! Hope you’re spinnin circles in your Wildfire. Cheers!

FE, no need to cook in the snow now.

The guys from Paddling Adventures Radio podcast set out to paddle in all 5 Great Lakes. It looks like they wrapped up around 9 PM yesterday.

Facebook (if you do that) Paddling Adventures Radio
Otherwise over here: http://paddlingadventuresradio.com/

“National Canoe Day is this Sunday (June 26), and that means getting on the water and paddling our canoes. Sean and Derek will be doing that in a big way this weekend. Starting early Saturday morning, the two will be starting a trip that will take them to all 5 Great Lakes in one day.
Starting in Toronto, they will put their canoe in Lake Ontario and paddle around Toronto Harbour, getting a great view of the city in lights. They will then load up the canoe and head to Port Stanley in Lake Erie, Sarnia on Lake Huron, Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan and finally the Point Iroquois Lighthouse on Lake Superior, paddling at each location.
After their final paddle dip in Lake Superior, the two will make their way to Northern Superior Brewing Co in Sault Ste Marie for a celebratory toast and a bite to eat before heading home and finishing up their 1900+ km trek early Sunday morning.
5 Great Lakes in one day to celebrate National Canoe Day. What will you be doing to celebrate?”

I thought the “Gray Thing” makes it a “kayak”, best exemplified by WS Pamlico. Perhaps a "national Pamlico Day…? :slight_smile: