Happy New Canoe Owner (Used Malecite)

Thanks to all of you who offered tips and advice on our purchase of our first canoe (former kayakers).

I pulled the trigger this morning and, following some negotiations, have purchased an Old Town Malecite.

Pictures here:


Now, have to make a long drive or hire a transport company to get it home. (If anyone is headed to TX from MI in the not too distant future, and would like some gas money for hauling a canoe, let me know :slight_smile: )

Happy in TX,


That’s one of the nicest
looking “used” canoes I’ve seen. You’re going to love it. Enjoy, and welcome to the single stick world.

That is one gorgeous boat. A classic in the best of the old Mad River tradition.

Gorgeous example
Eventually you’ll have to stop calling it an “Old Town” though. :slight_smile:

Congratulations. You’ll love it.

What a beauty!
Canoes are so cool. Congratulations!

OK, I’ll just say
Malecite from here forward… :slight_smile:

I Think Mine is An 84
but I’d have to check out the # on it to make sure. Not nearly as sweet looking as your new purchase, I congrat you on that buy!! I did spend a few hours today getting ready to rig my old beast out for a sailing rig. She should just cruise like hell in a mild wind when it is all done and said.

I think you will be quite happy with this boat, it is fast once you get it going and takes little effort to keep it going. I solo my mine 90% of the time with a load and damn I always have a grin on my face once I get up to speed. My only beef is the low freeboard but hell once you get used to it it’ll be a sweet ride.


Beautiful boat … congrats !
Now get your partner and get out there and “hut” !



What a beauty, like a '67 Mustang, a real “Classic!” I’m certain you’ll enjoy that boat; if you don’t I’ll buy it off you! WW

that is a sweet canoe

i bought an indy a little over a month ago and have put nearly 20 days in so far. i really like it, although i’ve yet to take it on a trip or paddle it loaded, etc.


I should be so lucky as to make a find like that.

Seller Backed Out
Well, I am heartsick and damm mad.

My seller (of Malecite) sent an email (not enough stones to actually call) and backed out of the deal.

I had already paid a carrier to transport boat to my home. I’m out that $350+.

I’m not a happy camper and am very wary of buying items on-line. Never had any problem in the past.

This jerk simply has no honor nor character.

So, let me know if you know of any other Malecite for sale.


Man, that really sucks
What was the price he agreed to sell it for?

Maybe he had seller’s remorse. Maybe he was following this thread. Either way, it shows bad character.

He was asking $1000

Offered $800

Settled on $9000

legal action?
That sucks. I would make him pay you the 350 or send the boat.

You can’t really go back on a deal like that. I would make some threats. Even though you didn’t have a signed contract it was pretty much understood that you bought the boat as you arranged shipping.

From a random google search


Re: Verbal contracts in Texas

Yes, verbal contracts are enforceable in Texas if you can prove the necessary terms of the agreement. If you acted in accordance with the contract, there are correspondence referring to the agreement or other items indicating an agreement exists, it can be valid in Texas. Of course I’d need more info to determine the chances of proving the verbal agreement.




What he was getting for it …
… should not have been an issue

I really feel bad for you.

It’s not like you were stealing it. $900 is what I would call a fair price for the boat, if it’s in the shape the photos suggest. You can’t cancel the shipping contract?

Transport company?
Jeff, did the seller have anything to do with setting up the shipping of the Malacite? If so you may have been scammed and whoever advertised the boat should know about it.

The seller was a craigslist advertisement in Michigan.

After we struck (negotiated price) the deal by telephone Saturday morning (following a slew of earlier emails), I placed a request for bids with uShip.

I was to send the seller a money order payment Monday and the boat could be picked up after 8/19/09 (seller on vacation).

Got couple of bids, took one, paid.

Then seller emails his “I’m going to sell the canoe locally” message.

Just unreal how low the character of some folks!

I am sure I would not find such a mess on this forum.