Happy New Paddling year!

Pretty cool that your group paddles upstream

Off to a decent start, 6 months to go until Texas Water Safari, the paddling goal for the year

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I paddled with the local sea kayaking group, just a short paddle through some local canals and then a casual picnic at a park before heading back. I’m not usually much of a group paddler but wanted to catch up with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.


I mil + 3 mil

I finished 2023 with 88 trips and 680 miles. I paddled on New Year’s Day with 32 other people on Juniper Creek near Milton, Florida. I love paddling my Bell Wildfire. I paddle a Mohawk Solo 14 on rambo trips, where I may drag my canoe over, under, or around obstacles.




I have to wait a few days.

Like maybe 120 of them

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First paddle of the year in our Southern Hemisphere Summer. Also first opportunity for an extended paddle, nearly 10km, using my Akiak Greenland Paddle. The new paddle helped eat up the distance with ease and no soreness.

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Paris and I went out . Whittier Alaska

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Is that a Pygmy kayak?

Sun made a rare appearance today, but temps in the upper 20s so things iced up.

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Yes it is an Arctic Tern 14

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That makes me cold looking at it. You da man Chuck.

Whoohoo first paddle of the year: just 45 minutes or so (due to repeated chickening out—I mean, mounting apprenhensiveness about the chilliness—that put off the going until an hour before sunset). New spray skirt (all neoprene) is nice, it takes a little more stretch to put on but it actually goes on easier than the (aging not exactly waterproof) nylon one. No pics since my phone was in my fleece pants pocket inside the drysuit.

Gray sky, gray water, that cold churned up color that Lake Michigan has most of the time from November to March. Above freezing though!

As @sing said somewhere else on this forum, “If it anit frozen…”
Good on you!

More guts than me.

Of course, the caveates to that are: know your skills and conditioning, and have the right gear.

Happy New Year!


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I was camping on New Year’s Eve, so I didn’t do my traditional New Year’s Day paddle this year. I finally got out on Saturday for my first trip of 2024 - stroke practice in my whitewater boat down on my local river. When I arrived I was surprised to find the cove near the boat launch iced over - yes, it is winter. I was able to break through the ice and get out into the open water, and spent about an hour practicing strokes before calling it a day. Not much, but its a start!!

Thought so! I built a Murrelet a while back that I truly love.

So sorry the company closed during the pandemic. I have a few extra buckles but I would have bought more if I had known.