Happy New Paddling year!

Of course, the caveates to that are: know your skills and conditioning, and have the right gear.

Happy New Year!


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I was camping on New Year’s Eve, so I didn’t do my traditional New Year’s Day paddle this year. I finally got out on Saturday for my first trip of 2024 - stroke practice in my whitewater boat down on my local river. When I arrived I was surprised to find the cove near the boat launch iced over - yes, it is winter. I was able to break through the ice and get out into the open water, and spent about an hour practicing strokes before calling it a day. Not much, but its a start!!

Thought so! I built a Murrelet a while back that I truly love.

So sorry the company closed during the pandemic. I have a few extra buckles but I would have bought more if I had known.