Happy New Year ! Who is paddling in the 2021?

Happy New Year everyone! Bad weather in my area for NY Eve so…will be welcoming in 2021 with a paddle New Years morning. Who else is joining me by extreme social distance paddling?

And, a few 50F rolls because I don’t have better sense!

We have freezing rain predicted for tomorrow in south central Michigan so we have put off our New Years day paddle to Saturday. Something about paddling in freezing rain when you don’t have to seems unappealing - not mention the potential fun on the roads. Hopefully, there isn’t much ice buildup so I don’t get to start the year nursing a generator.

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I’m heading out to paddle tomorrow and probably Saturday as well. Haven’t decided where to as it is going to be a bit windy both days. Gotta start building up those miles for 2021!

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Going out tomorrow hopefully. Freeport Long Island been stymied to many times with to do list of my own making. Slide off the dock in the backyard :grinning:.

Looks good for weather :thermometer::cloud:

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We have a couple of 60° days coming over the weekend. No paddling. Our youngest grandsons are coming to collect their Christmas loot .
To the original question, you bet I’ll be paddling in 2021.

Ya’ll are hearty paddlers to be out in near freezing temps. Brrrrrrr! I can do cold temps only when the sun is out … guess it is all perception of what is cold.

Me and my husband will be going out for some New Year’s Day rolling…Brooks Tuliks help keep the body warm.


Where it’s liquid, water temp is 39F and air temp tomorrow will be in the 20s. If I could figure a way to keep my hands warm I’d consider it, but had cold hands today when snow blowing the drive.


Happy new year to all, though this year seemed to take five years to finish.

Hell yes i will be paddling this year. Tomorrow sounds great. though I have to get a second coat f pol on a shelf unit I built, gotta keep the other half happy first

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Yes, I will brave today’s weather (high will be 84 F.) and paddle.
Happy New Year, everyone!


As will I, though we are only supposed to get into the mid 70s (brrr).
If successful with this daring task, I will have paddled EVERY DAY this year (so far).
(oh, btw, also paddled every day in '20)


Happy New Decade everyone!
We have rain today, but will probably be on the water sometime this month.

New Year’s resolution: I will most definitely be paddling more in 2021 than in 2020.
Lots of canoeing and motorcycling got cancelled in 2020 due to combo of covid issues, and weather.Both activities were sorely missed.

Today and tomorrow; not going to happen…We had freezing rain that started before midnight last night, and lasted until about an hour ago. Then it started snowing, and we’ve gotten 2 inches so far, and it’s working on 3 inches right now.

While I will make more of an effort to paddle in 2021, I will try to live up to the other new year’s resolution I made.
Don’t go out paddling or motorcycling when the weather causes me to “suffer needlessly”. I just turned 78 on the 26th of December, and if you aren’t that old, or nearly that old, you may not understand that resolution.
But if you keep paddling and/or motorcycling until you hit your late 70s, you will soon understand what I mean, when I speak about “suffering needlessly”. It happens to you much quicker, and takes longer to recover than being in your late 50s, 60s, and 70s.

When I go canoeing or biking, I “very rarely” see anyone who is even remotely close to my age.
When will I quit doing both?
Ain’t gonna happen; as long as I can get on a bike or in a canoe!
I love both too much to quit.

Might I suffer the most severe “natural consequence”?
Yep! But I’m not hanging up the helmet, or the paddle yet.

Grab a paddle sign and paddle rack

Bottom line; I can’t pick 2 other ways I’d rather go…
Let it be quick; I don’t want to linger…



I got out for a short paddle today and discovered a new way to exercise my dog…

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Yeah, 2.5 hr paddle in 1 foot windy chop with a relatively new paddler/friend who is new to bouncy water. I enjoyed a few rolls until I watched them on video afterwards - sloppy = not enough GP roll practice last year thanks to several non-C19 issues. I don’t mind the Euro rolls being a little sloppy, but GP rolls should be pretty. First time in a drysuit this season - it will be required wear for the next few months.

First paddle of the year - Weedon Island Preserve in St Petersburg FL. I never get tired of paddling through the mangroves!


Started 2021 off right with a trip on the Upper Winni in NH - easy class I/II, but there are enough play spots to keep it interesting. No mangroves here, but it was a balmy 34 degrees.

Cribworks - Erik

Few more pictures here:

Not sure what to say about 2020, other than it is a year that we won’t forget.


Started the First Day right with just over two hours of workout paddling for 12 miles. Feeling some muscles my workouts don’t usually address. No substitute for boat time. :+1:t2:

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Well, we did about two hours up & back on the Red Cedar today (January 2). Lansing had about 4" or wet snow so everything was white & pretty. Calm day just above freezing so pretty nice to be out on a paddle.


Back in Oct. one club member suggested we “Roll into the New Year” @ midnight. Naturally we all agreed it would be a fun idea. Then with air & water both below 40°F we asked ourselves “Who’s idea was this anyway?”.
No snow, no mangroves, but we did have a fire pit & Greenland ropes.