Happy New Year!

Unless you are a Michigan fan.
Even then .

Spartan fan here - happy New Year to you!

Happy new year.

An’ a Hoopy New Yaar ta youz, Sir String.

Only us and a few duck hunters out there today….
Happy new year!!!Good start to the year
Resolution: log my hours and miles with a bit more consistency…. Rule is that I must complete the mile and the hour to count it. Ie 10.5 miles is only 10 unless I go the next 1/2 mile. 2.75 hrs is only 2 hrs unless I go 15 more minutes. I generally track hours over miles but going to start tracking miles also

Happy New Year string. I hope that 2022 brings you even more time on the water than 2021.

As a badger it just breaks my heart to see Michigan lose so badly.

Happy and healthy 2022 to all! :cocktail: :beer: :snowman_with_snow: :cloud_with_rain: :christmas_tree:


Happy New Year indeed. A short paddle up the Red Cedar & back I turned around at the log jam just upstream from US-127 as I have something else going on later today.


Darkstar. That’s one reason I keep records and set goals. I don’t get out enough, because everything else during my whole life took priority. I made it a rule if I think about going out, I consider why I shouldn’t (such as conditions) rather than why I should. If I stand up, I go. Then once I get on the water, I fully commit. Because if you don’t, you’re body atrophies and you have to start the season all over again. All I want to accomplish is adding .1 to .2 mph to my last run.

Got out for a short trip - six boats, balmy temperatures, mist on the water, and no rain until we loaded up to leave. Nice way to start the year. Happy New Year everyone.


New Years Day 2022

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Had several different trips planned for NYD. But Mother Nature showed herself. Thus we paddled in a protected area, from the high winds. Just happy to be on the water.


That’s as good as it gets.

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My interest is due to a tendency by myself and others I practice with to commit to a timeframe and then cut it short. You cut a planned 4 hr training run by 15 minutes and over the course of a season that turns into a lot of lost time. And when I compete, we aren’t given an option of just ending when we feel it’s enough. The goal there with documenting that way is to help push me a bit farther, that’s all…