Happy Thanksgiving!

It is 65 , sunny, and beautiful here. No paddling but plenty of family.

Sunny and crisp here, with a light dusting of snow. Chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pies, and baguettes baked and packed. Over the river and through the woods, to Thanksgiving Day dinner I go…

Sending wishes for a happy celebration to you and yours, string, and to the rest of the paddling community.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo, Key Lime Pie, Pain Killers (close to a Pina Colada but much better) and 80*.here…
Happy Day Everyone…

76 and not a cloud in the sky. Happy Thanksgiving…wife is getting ready to launch the tandem out with the dog.

We had overnight showers into this morning. Still, pretty warm. Got an early workout in and then some sprint practice on my quiet, hilly street in the morning mist. Went back in, showered and then to making my assigned dish of corn beef hash for the family lunch. 45 extended family members and friends. Lots of main dishes, desserts and, most important, mirth for all.

Happy Thanksgiving. As we head into the holiday season, keep mind that it is about appreciation and love above material things.:family_man_woman_boy_boy::family_man_man_boy::family_woman_woman_girl_boy::couple_with_heart_man_man::couple_with_heart_woman_woman:


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Close to 80 here today, but family comes first. Tomorrow is dinner for friends and Saturday I can hit the water.